Legal Translations

National and international law, all legal documents and texts in the field of translation Applies to.
• Laws and Regulations
• Court Decisions
• Legal Correspondence
• Power of Attorney
•Declarations Agreements
• Business and Patent Application, etc. Offer.

Commercial Translations

Commercial documents and certificates, reports, commercial contracts, meeting minutes, documents concerning financial transactions, feasibility and research reports, proposals, banking, international commitments, such as official documents of every kind of commercial includes translation of documents and text.
• Power of Attorney
• Your consent
• Progress Reports
• Texts of the Project / Feasibility Reports / Balance Sheets
• Brokerage Reports Financial / Accounting Certifications
• Tender Specifications
• Credit Agreements
• Letter of Credit
• International Agreements
• Apostille
• Official gazettes and
•Communiqués, Declarations
• Representative-Distribution-Authorization documents / Contracts
• Patent Agreements
• EC-Related Documents
• Customs Documents
• Various Regulations
• All Kinds of Financial Documentation

Technical Translations

Requires expertise in research and development-finding studies, manuals, design and technical drawings and formulas, technical translation of the plan include-procedure-specification.
•The device and the system of All Forms of Information documents.
• Machinery and Devices User Guides
•Technical and Commercial Brochures
•Laboratory and Test Results of Operation
• Technical Specifications
• ISO 9000 and Quality Management Agreements
• License Agreements
• Communication Technology
• Technical and Industrial Studies and Reports
• Defense Industry

Official Translation

Notary certified translations of documents and documents that require legal responsibility contextis evaluated . Official Translation services, Notary Law, in accordance with T.C. contracted interpreters are provided by a citizen.

Scientific Translation.

Academic translation of documents and the documents included.
• Undergraduate, graduate, doctoral thesis
• Scientific articles and theoretical study notes
•Documentation related to the work of R & D

Medical Translation

Complex medical, technical terminology, pharmaceutical information with any type of document, includes translation of the report and documentation.
• Medical Reports
• Prospectuses
•Drug Catalogs and Brochures
• Medical Papers
• Medical Devices and Industrial Products
• User Guides
• Medical Sales Tools tenders Prints
• Analysis Results

Register Deciphered

Computer format all types of recorded digital data, audio and video files This covers the services and translation of texts to be deciphered deciphered.
• Meeting records
•Conference and seminar records
• Television, movies, concerts and radio recordings

Web Site Translations

The desired language versions of Web sites, all applications running within the site service, taking into consideration the realization of different formats and websayfalarının covers.

Localization (translation in local language)

Related products and services to our customers with all the user guides, promotional booklets, brochures and software in accordance with the target countries, languages ​​and cultures translated as yerelleştirildiği covers the services.

Editorial (Correction)

Made the necessary arrangements on a text that has been previously translated, ready to use for transport to the process is called redaction process. Especially prepared in connection with the contract work abroad, reports, proposals and so on. is important to carefully study a language is very important. In this context, our customers in person performed by or prepared by professional translators translations, image and professionalism of our clients in accordance with revised passing, translate the text of the dictionary, meaning, sentence, phrase, grammar, spelling and grammatical errors corrected. This fix makes the work translated into native languages carried out by translators of foreign origin.


Simultaneous (Concurrent) Translation

Simultaneous translation, an interpreter translated a speaker cabinet to say microphone and hear through the headphones at the same time with the audience by translating the target language carried out in the form of transfer. Simultaneous translation, more far-reaching multi-lingual is preferred, especially in meetings.
Consecutive (Consecutive) Translation

Interpreters, the participants sit together and any technical panel meeting does not use hardware. After listening to the words of the speaker's interpreter translated process translate and transfer to the other party is performed in the form of the target language. Consecutive translated into a very short meeting, usually in question, technical, confidential or official to be If a method is referenced.
Bilateral (Mutual) Translation

Pequenas comunidades do tipo realizada consecutiva tradução money. Os visitantes estrangeiros Acompanhando that unfurl in the reunião prestação de Servicos de comunicação a ser dentro avaliada contexto deck.